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Why Are Venezuelans So Beautiful?

Why are Venezuelans so beautiful? I’ve asked myself that question as well as several questions about the people of Venezuela. One thing is for sure. The people of Venezuela lead a very humble life, and they don’t seem to envy anyone else for anything. A true Bolivarian comes from a background of hard work and dedication, not wealth or beauty.

While we live in an extremely consumeristic culture, there is no doubt that the Bolivarans have managed to survive and maintain their happiness despite the materialism around them. People in Venezuela aren’t like Americans. They don’t spend money like Americans on clothes, cars, vacations, food, and so forth. They live and die based on the quality of their next meal. I have seen Bolivarans in the streets without money, trying to find items to eat.

I have also seen ordinary people doing extraordinary things. I’ve seen children wash the streets and clean houses. I have seen older people do medical work and organize community events. I have witnessed a girl cutting through garbage to find beans to make a bowl of soup for a family. A three-year-old child was playing with large amounts of cash that he’d picked up while visiting an orphanage. These are the types of people who are incredibly blessed with happiness, and I have observed these qualities first hand.

Why are they so blessed with happiness? What makes their happiness abound? There seems to be an ongoing question in the minds of many people: “What makes Venezuela so beautiful?” The answer may surprise you. It has everything to do with the people.

It’s true! Venezuela is the land of free speech. In fact, the government encourages its citizens to speak out and speak up, so that they can improve the quality of their lives and the lives of their families. The people are not afraid to press charges if someone is guilty of hurting the happiness and welfare of the people or damaging their country.

When people are asked why they are happy, the answers they give me are always fascinating. One lady told me that her happiness is as a result of serving other people. In fact, she said that when she goes home, she wants to help her neighbors so that they can be happy. Another Venezuelan woman told me that her happiness is as a result of serving the president.

Apparently, the government understands the reason behind the happiness. It understands that the people of Venezuela love their country and they want to live in it to the fullest. Therefore, it offers them all the resources necessary to make their dreams come true. Why are Venezuelans so beautiful?

There are lots of reasons why people of Venezuela are so blessed. All their life is dedicated to serving the people and building homes for them. There is no other way they could have other than serving the fellow man. Why are they so beautiful? Because they feel the power of God within their soul and that is why they love their fellow man.

The government provides education, healthcare and jobs to everyone. Everyone has a right to live a good life. Everyone has the right to have security. The truth is that crime has reached an all time high. People are losing their jobs left and right. Why are they so sad?

The main reason why the people are so unfortunate is because the people in their country do not have freedom. The government has failed to provide education or healthcare. The crime rate is out of control. They do not have freedom to choose who their neighbors will be. When the government fails the people, they turn to the people around them to solve their problems.

The people have the idea that if they do not have freedom and security, then why should anyone have it. That is why the governments of the world are trying to destabilize Hugo Chavez and President Obama. These ugly tactics are not working and the people do not want to live in such an awful nation. They are longing for a better life, so they are turning to the United States of America for help.

If the United States of America was not a generous nation, then why are Venezuelans so poor? That is a question you should ask yourself. I will give you some answers for that question. Our greatness is not measured by how much we give to other countries, but rather how much we take from others and give back to them. I hope you will consider this the next time you see Venezuela.

Iana Moreno

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