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Venezuelan Stereotypes

There are many Venezuelan stereotypes about the people living in Venezuela. They include old woman with long hair and wrinkled face. Old women do not like to be called “maori” which means old fashioned. The word “maori” is derived from a Polynesian word that meant “people of the forest.” In other words, old women are not the most popular amongst the young Venezuela women.

Other common Venezuelan stereotypes include fat women and ugly men. In both the old and the new world, men are portrayed as handsome and virile. However, the beauty of Venezuela women is shown differently. The beautiful women are shown to have long legs, a flat stomach, and are sometimes bare footed. The country’s women are proud of their appearance, which is shown in the clothes they wear and in how they walk.

The ugly men in Venezuela are often drug addicts, criminals, and homeless. It is not uncommon for a man to see an ugly women and take her for a date or a walk in the park. Many women also use body slimmers to improve their figures. The average weight of a Venezuelan woman is around 140 pounds, so weight loss is not uncommon.

Iana Moreno

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